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Edwin has once again succeeded in finding our app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for apps and games for Android and iOS that are currently available for free for a very short time. You can find his return in this post.

Since apps that are actually paid for usually only get a free stamp for a very small period of time, we publish this article twice a week. Unfortunately, we have no influence on how long these offers last, so grab them ASAP! On the other hand, do you want to research app deals yourself? Then Antoine’s guide to finding free apps will help you.

Also free for one month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

Editor’s tip: If you discover a useful app, it’s best to download it right away – even if you don’t really need it right now. After installation, you just need to get rid of them directly from your smartphone. It will still go to your library and can be reinstalled anytime for free!

Free apps and mobile games in the Google Play Store

Free apps for Android

  • Sleep faster to meditate (8.49 euros)Need help falling asleep after a particularly long day? Maybe this app is a panacea that works…
  • wenrum (0.99 euros): Exciting icon pack that lights up your phone screen.
  • Bondo: API Checker (0.99 euros): With this app, you can check all the APK files on your phone before installing them.
  • VoocVPN Pro (9.99 euros)Need a VPN to access sites that usually get you denied? This app could be the answer.
  • ProCamX HD (4.99 euros): If you think your phone’s camera app is not quite up to date, here’s an alternative!
  • Spirit Phone EVP Box (1.99 euros): If you are interested in the paranormal, this app may help you discover paranormal phenomena.
  • Ringtone scheduler (0.99 euros)Want different ringtones for different times of the day? No problem with this app!

Free android mobile games

  • Zombie VIP grow (1.99 euros)Mission: How good are you at raising zombies? Play this game to find out.
  • Z hero (1.99 euros): In a post-apocalyptic world, you must use all your wits and skills to survive a group of hungry dead.
  • Rogue Hearts (0.99 euros): Explore a dungeon, kill monsters, collect loot, level up…you know how to do it.
  • Space shooter: galaxy attack (0.99 euros): A space shooter where you fight invading aliens.
  • Warrior Empire: Tower Defense (0.99 euros): A great way to test your strategic skills when facing limited resources, time and endless waves of enemies.
  • Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc (0.49 euros): once again make your way through the eerie corridors of the mental asylum.
  • spazi (0.99 euros): A sci-fi puzzle game that looks beautiful and will test your brain.

Free mobile apps and games in the Apple AppStore

Free apps for iOS

  • DeShake Video – Sticky (2.99)Do your videos always look like they were taken with a shaky camera? Maybe this app can help.
  • Countdown to me (0.99 euros)Q: Do you have events on your calendar that you’re looking forward to? Why not host a countdown to them with this app!
  • Let’s LED (0.99 euros): An LED banner app that turns your phone screen into a… LED banner, and what else?
  • Centroid pixels (1.99 euros): An application that turns your photos into low-poly images in no time.
  • test tones (4.99 euros): With this app, you can train your hearing – perfect for sound engineers, producers, and the like.
  • multilanguage (4.99 euros): A universal special character keyboard that makes typing special characters easy.
  • Clock and calendar (4.99 euros): This app helps you understand local time zones, global calendars, astronomical yearbooks, and world festivals and holidays.

Free games for iOS

  • Peppa Pig: Happy Mrs Chicken (3.99 euros): a children’s game in which Peppa Pig has another adventure.
  • Talk about the beast (5.99 euros)Help your children overcome their fears with this fun educational game.
  • raindrop catcher (0.99 euros)Mission: Do you think catching raindrops is as soothing as it sounds?
  • little runner (1.99 euros)An endless runner game with Minecraft-like graphics.
  • Happy Truck Explorer (1.99 euros): Use your intelligence and creativity to overcome obstacles and reach your goal.
  • Rogue Hearts (0.99 euros): A rogue-like dungeon crawler that requires careful planning and strategy.
  • MathXCreature (1.99 euros)Let your kids learn math through playing. Isn’t this the best way to learn?

What do you think of our picks this week? The next batch of games and apps will be available on Saturday, I promise! If you stumble across another paid app, we’d appreciate a note in the comments.

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