Another loss to the Iserlohn Roosters 3-0

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Cologne / Iserlohn.
In Cologne, the Iserlohn Roosters give up all their trump cards in Finis but at least keep a point.

What a game! Despite Kölner Haie’s dominance, the Roosters are leading 3-0 with tremendous efficiency after 50 minutes, but once again fall short of the lead over time. Cologne tied and then got an extra point in the penalty shootout. The Zaoranders couldn’t really be happy with a single point because a smooth win was so close to their minds.

Kölner High – Iserlawn Roosters 4:3 (0:1, 0:1, 3:1) pro. Buoyed by an 8:1 win over Bietigheim, Haie wanted to improve his home record in the western derby, especially since he would have few chances ahead. After all, there won’t be a home game for the entire month of February because Lanxess Arena is permanently occupied. This is definitely not an advantage in the fight for a good position in the playoffs. and roosters? After losing 3-0 to Mannheim, they wanted to do things better, and this mainly affected the starting stage. In Cologne they were on top form from the start, and after only 31 seconds Eric Cornell was breaking free in front of Pantkowski, but was saved by Hay’s goalkeeper.

Hammer Sina Acculazzi has been measured at 156 km/h

The Zaoranders added attacking accents and led early on. Exactly 156 km / h was measured at the Sena Accolatse hammer from the blue line, to which Pantkowski was powerless. The acupunctures stepped into the stormtroopers for the missing Anthony Risch. The guests could have improved on the perfect start, but Alanov and Daugavins didn’t do anything by excelling in front of the opponent’s goal (8′). Cologne played better when there was more space on the ice after the ban on both sides and they gradually became the dominant side with more shots. McIntyre missed the best opportunity when he missed the (almost) pointless goal from close range (14th). However, the Roosters defended well, and they could count on a very confident Hannibal Weizmann.

They were also more consistent than against Mannheim, and continued to create chances – like Brown and Poirier at the end of the third period. It was a good first period performance. The second was hardly cheaper for the guests. They could hardly pose a threat in front of Hay’s goal – and still extend the lead. Just before the end of the third period, they began one of the rare feats, and after Pantkowski stopped Broda’s shot, he executed Colin Ogbekele 0: 2.

A cold shower for the sharks before the end of the third

Of course, the result was remarkable for Iserlohner, because the people of the Rhineland clearly identified what had happened and Weizmann came under fire. The powerful goalkeeper had already made 37 saves after 40 minutes. But it wasn’t just about the goalkeeper and a bit of luck: The Roosters defended with great commitment, stopping plenty of shots and showing the consistency coach Greg Boss had come to expect. It wasn’t enough for the relief attacks, but if the push was enough to score the second goal, you should be fine.

Should they also score in the sixth game in a row? They mentally prepared for a defensive battle for a long time and were boosted when Mc Intyre hit the post at the start of the final third. Things got really heated when O’Connor had to go into the penalty area (45′). Colin pressed hard for the equalizer and was in the perfect position several times, but the Roosters always put the bat in just in time. And they had the seemingly indomitable Hannibal Weizmann between the columns. The special power play seemed appropriate to take a break (48th), but as it came to a close, Tim Bender finally set the course for victory with a fine shot. What could come from sharks?

Tim Benders’ 3-0 seems to say it all

Coach Uwe Krupp put everything in one card after a penalty kick against Pourier (51), moved his goalkeeper off the ice and increased the number of players. The risk was rewarded, and Jun Matsumoto scored two seconds into the penalty. The goal gave the hosts a huge boost and it was their turn after less than two minutes. Austin scored the goal 2: 3, and the Iserlohners kept memories of the Nuremberg match. They lead 3-0 there and bet everything in the last nine minutes. In Kowloon, almost everything worked out, because Jun Matsumoto, the former Iserlohner, destroyed the hope of the trio. He took off and Olver drove it into the net to make it 3:3. There were 88 seconds left to play. In the moving closing stages Chris Brown almost made the happy ending, but only reached the bar in the Roosters’ final foray.

Even overtime. There were big chances here and there, but the decision was postponed to penalties. And just here the people of Cologne met.

Iserlawn Roosters: Weitzmann-Labrie, Ugbekile; Anchors, Bender. O’Connor, Bigras; Bushman – Brown, Cornell, Bailey; Daugavins, Poirier, Alanov; Rutkowski, Radecki, Akulatsi; Ziegler, Broda.

Portals: 0: 1 (3:38) Akulatsi (Begras, Radecke), 0.2 (39:19) Obekele (Zigler, Broda), 0: 3 (49:07) Bender (Ogbekel / 5-4), 1: 3 (52 ): 26) Matsumoto (Ditz, McIntyre/6-4), 2:3 (54:16) Austin (Oliver, McIntyre), 3:3 (58:32) Oliver (Matsumoto, Aubrey), 4:3 Ferraro ( Penalty) )

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