Bolognese Gate at Jungle Camp: Claudia Effenberg has fans enraged

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An act of revenge with disastrous consequences: “I’m a star, get me out of here” Candidate Claudia Effenberg surprised fans of the RTL program in episode 12.

A little joke or a nasty number? Fans of RTL’s jungle show “I’m a Star, Get Me Out of Here” were pretty much in agreement on social media channels last night: What designer Claudia Effenberg, 57, was doing was going too far. The day before, after going on a treasure hunt with reality star Jamila Roy (55), she claimed they were offered spaghetti Bolognese if they decided not to “treasure” (potato chips) for the whole team. Of course you resisted the temptation! The whole thing was intended as a lesson for reality stars Gigi Pirovio, 23, and Cosimo Cettiulo, 41, who would rather eat pizza on Day 10 than bring the group the four eggs they got.

Claudia could have been forgiven for that – if she had just pulled off the “joke”! Instead, she allowed herself to celebrate: In the mind game, jungle celebs were supposed to give their fellow campers “gifts” with traits: funny, honest, lazy, affected, manipulative … As a great model, Babys Loveday (46) was his turn To distribute the “selfless” package, he chose Claudia – because of her collegiality in the bolo decision. Now, one thought to herself in front of the TV, now she’s telling the truth! But you think – your promised thank you, for going better in the counseling room: “This is my nature, and I don’t think I can stop it anymore. I am absolutely selfless!” OK…

Gemellas confesses Bolognese’s lie to Cosimio

In addition to Jamila, someone else could have opened their mouths: Cosimo knew about Polo’s lie! He had previously competed with Jamila in the Jungle Exam, in which they both only achieved a disappointing two stars out of nine – it was blamed on their poor short-term memory, which failed a sort of memory game, after which the two were showered with lots of nasty things. Then the moderator, Sonia Zytlow, asked Djemila if she wanted to explain something to Cosimo, a master word bolognese … an offer that Djemila could not refuse. To Jamila’s confession, Cosimo replied: “It’s all right. I would have treated you.”

Fans celebrated him for his coolness. In addition, many were touched by the way he tried to build Jamila, who spoke of her loneliness in the past few days: “I really envy you with all my heart that one day you will find the man who loves you as you are, your laugh, appreciates your motives, your happiness and that he cares about you.” The words made Jamila cry. She was a wonderful woman, Cosimo assured: “Stay the way you are, don’t change for anyone!” Fans seem to want it too, because Jamila thrives – along with Cosimo, Babis and influencer Julina Menin (30) – more and more in the heated competition for the jungle throne …

Gigis confesses to Babis: ‘I want to make a baby when I get out of here’

What Else Happened: Actress Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske, 43, told Jolina about her experience in Hollywood, where, in her experience, sexual assaults were “common,” which is why she walked away from film work in disgust at one point. He lived in the woods (not the ones in RTL) and found a new power. Suddenly TV Gigolo has unexpected parental feelings. properly before you do it! “

At the end of the episode, the polo bomb finally exploded: When the move was announced (Jana could return to her beloved freedom), moderation team Sonia Zetlow and Jan Koppen (39) tried to get Claudia to talk with hints, but she acted clueless. Then maybe Cosimo? “It started…” Sonya nudges him several times until he dryly says, “Oh, with the Bolognese! That wasn’t right at all. They were just having fun. It’s all great, right? We understand but the humor is here?” Babis’ petrified face spoke volumes – Polo’s lie must have consequences…

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