Jungle Camp: Tessa Reveals Weight Loss – ‘Tough’

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For Tessa Bergmeier, the jungle camp adventure is over. The model was the third to leave the camp and was visibly happy about it. For Tessa, RTL showtime hasn’t been easy at all. Soon after she moved in, she and Claudia clashed for the first time because she told her not to use the word “disabled” so lightly. Until then, Tessa was often involved in conflicts, especially with Cecilia.

After she leaves, Huck is greeted by Tessa, her companion, Charlotte. The food at the hotel also made Tessa very happy, as being a vegetarian she often ate less than everyone else, not just during the food tests at camp. This had dramatic consequences for Tessa.

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Jungle camp 2023: For Tessa it was ‘really dangerous’

Because when asked by Watson, Tessa confirmed that hunger was the hardest thing she found during her time at camp. Although she made it clear that other things presented her with a challenge. “Then these arguments over and over again. Mainly because many don’t listen to each other properly. But boredom also got on my nerves,” Tessa admits.

Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals


Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals

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But the topic of food is especially explosive for her. Tessa says she lost nine pounds during her time at camp. And she adds:

“I usually weigh about 60 kilos, for me it became too hot.”

Perhaps the topic was very important to Tessa because she also wanted to use the platform the show gave her to spread her lifestyle, which is vegan. Tessa argues, “I’m an activist and you have to be active in the darkest of circumstances.”

She says that to annoy Cecilia

But Tessa also stood out because she didn’t shy away from confrontation. Especially with Cecilia cracking early on. Tessa says she sometimes felt provoked by Cecilia. But she also explains, “But I think often she doesn’t do it consciously. She gets to 180 pretty quickly. And that’s what I usually get.” After the sometimes violent disagreements between the two in camp, these words from the model seem almost self-indulgent again.

Test your knowledge in the jungle

Tessa isn’t worried that she may have been portrayed poorly at jungle camp. It simply says: “I am who I am.” Tessa doesn’t worry too much about the fact that her performance there could have a negative impact on her children. “My kids aren’t in the public eye, so they don’t often notice,” she says. So Tessa doesn’t have to worry about that either. In any case, she should have made a lasting impression on her fellow campers and the audience.

There are only a few days left until Season 16 of I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! the fall. In 2023, jungle camp will finally take place in Australia again, after being moved to Germany and South Africa. Twelve celebrities are vying for the crown again this year.

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