Boris Becker acquires cynicism and malice for a new statement

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Boris Becker is once again sharing life wisdom on Instagram, but he’s just not getting the desired reaction.Photo: AA/Wiktor Szymanowicz


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Boris Becker has only been released again for a few weeks. The former tennis player was previously in prison in Great Britain for bankruptcy offences. After his release, he gave a big interview on Saturday 1, where he spoke candidly about his time behind bars and his plans for the future. There are always rumors that Baker is also planning to write a book. The tennis star is now in demand again as a TV commentator.

So it doesn’t look like Baker plans to retire from the public eye at all. The post on Instagram that sent a clear message was even more surprising. But Baker is not only reaping encouragement and support.

Boris Becker: The post causes ridicule

Since his release from prison, Baker has been very active again on Instagram. In addition to congratulating his eldest son, Noah, Baker recently used the platform to announce his work as a TV expert. But posts with inspirational sayings still appear on his feed. He recently shared a photo of a banner that read, “It’s All We Have Now” in glowing letters. And the most recent photo in his feed was once again a text box. On a black background written in English:

“Three things to keep private: your love life, your income, your upcoming plans.”

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Boris commented on the post: “#word”. A sign of the seriousness of the message? Some of his fans don’t quite believe it.

In the comments below the post, there are bitter criticisms of Baker. “Never hide your income again,” someone demands, referring to the reason why Boris is in prison. Another commented dryly: “You haven’t kept your love life private, Boris. I wish you the best!” And the third thinks:

“And then there is you who never manages to get any of them.”

Baker also got the nod

Not everyone perceives Boris’ statement only negatively. Someone writes: “Your positive energy inspires us.” Many also express their approval of the advertisement with hearts and smiley faces. “Wise words,” wrote one commenter.

But it would be totally understandable that many Bakers don’t really accept those words. After all, in the past, he has repeatedly spoken in great detail about his love life, financial situation and plans for the future — most recently in an interview with Saturday 1, for example. Whether that’s the case, and if so, how long he’ll stick to that mantra this time around remains to be seen.

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