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Nintendo Switch Online: Goldeneye 007 will be released in just two days!

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Nintendo has finally announced with its own trailer what it really promised: 007 Nora Ali I will Nintendo 64 view from Nintendo Switch Online + Expand after that. There are even a few innovations. With this publication, a long fiasco of trademark protection law ends. In the 01/27/2023 I’m over Nintendo Switch License to kill.

Trailer with history

Not to keep us all in suspense, here’s the old trailer for the first-person shooter that changed the console world:

James Bond wants to come back

What a surprise! After 25 years without an official sequel, remake, or at least a port, it looks like an agreement has been reached. golden eye 007 On a very complicated situation with regard to rights. Beside MGMBeside Eon Productions They have rights James Bond Brand. This legal status is still in between Microsoft And Nintendo Additive, which would be the reason we hadn’t heard of it before golden eye With Pierce Brosnan like James Bond Seen on all competitor keyboards. Also nearing completion golden eye 007 adapters for Xbox 360 It could not be officially released due to miscommunication with the licensors. But now the colt appears to be buried. We’ve reported on this rumor several times this year. We finally know there is some truth to these rumors! The long trademark mention at the end of the trailer also shows the complexity of the legal situation.


will be an appearance golden eye Not good enough already, this title seems to be getting better than ever. Next to widescreenThe best thing might be the fact that the title comes with an extension Online multiplayer mode been given. Which means that in the famous and popular mode you can now duel the whole world for life and death online. To an extent similar to that Nintendo Switch Online A copy of Mario Kart 64. Not only that the main game is one of the best games and first person shooter ever. Multiplayer seems to have added thousands of hours of gameplay and ruined friendships.

The next six Nintendo 64 titles

Despite all the hype surrounding the comeback golden eye 007 in Nintendo Operator, we also want the rest of the announced ads N64 Don’t forget the classics. There are some classics among them, as well as the third part of mario party series (the first two parts have already been published), as well as the two parts Pokemon Stadium nickname.

The following titles are available:

  • 1080 degrees snowboarding
  • 64- Masoud
  • Harvest Moon 64
  • mario party 3
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Pokemon Stadium 2

These headlines are getting noisy Nintendo It appears later this year.

N64 Library on Nintendo Switch

that N64 The show debuted in October 2021 with the following number 9 n64 Classics:

  • Dr. Mario 64
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Mario Kart 64
  • mario tennis
  • Sin and punishment
  • nightwars (Starfox 64)
  • Super Mario 64
  • win over
  • Yoshi’s story

After that, the following titles have been announced and released regularly:

A leak unofficially revealed 38 Nintendo 64 and 52 Sega mega drive Headings must appear to the end. Time will tell if this will actually be the case. We are officially aware of 27 titles so far.

Fortunately, the trademark law fiasco is video game history. Honestly nobody has a resurgence anymore 007 Nora Ali Believes. Especially as a video game company rare from Microsoft Bought to provide exclusive titles for X-Box To make or to create. Since competitors usually don’t give each other anything, it’s all the more interesting Microsoft And Nintendo Collaborate here again. Banjo-Kazooie It was actually released by Nintendo for a long time. We don’t want to imagine what collaboration could mean in the future. We are now enjoying that 007 Nora Aliand finally again Nintendo Control unit to run. Welcome home!

Source: via Nintendo UK

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